Project Details

Client:  Al Dur Power & Water Co. BSC
Year Completed:  2010
Value:  US$ 43,250,000
EPC Contractor:  Hyundai Heavy Industires

Principal Quantities

Excavation:  70,100 m3
Structural Concrete:  52,500 m3
Reinforcement:  6,420 tonnes
Misc. Steelwork1,000 tonnes
1,500 m2

Project Overview

The Al Dur Independent Water and Power Plant was established to help meet the growing demand in Bahrain for clean, reliable and competitively-priced power and water. The project entailed the construction of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant and a Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology Desalination Plant, together with all support facilities such as seawater intake and discharge structures and gas connection facilities.

With a capacity to produce 1,234 MW of power and 218,000 m3 per day of the highest quality water in the GCC, Al Dur became the largest independent power generation and water desalination plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain, making it a landmark project and a critical part of the Kingdom’s economic infrastructure.

GPZ was appointed as the main contractor, under the EPC contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), for 3 contracts of the project: (1) Civil works for the Power Plant, (2) Building works for the Power Plant, and (3) ­­Building works for the RO Desalination Plant. The works involved close co-ordination with the EPC contractor for the installation of various plant and equipment.

1.  Power Plant – Civil Works:

The civil works consisted of the construction of foundations and substructures to accommodate the Power Plant’s buildings and plant / equipment installed by HHI, including foundations for the STG (Steam Turbine Generator) and GTG (Gas Turbine Generator), the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) and Bypass Stack System, and the Instrumentation & Electrical System. Additionally, a Fuel Gas System, Demi Water System, Circulating Water System, Drainage and Sewage Treatment Systems, Cooling Tower Basin, gas connection facilities, cable trenches, fencing, roads and footpaths were provided.

2.  Power Plant – Building Works:

The building works consisted of the construction of the following electrical, chemical, treatment and control buildings and shades: Gas & Steam Turbine Building, Demineralization Building, Switchgear Building for the Cooling Tower, Central Control Building, Fire-fighting Building, Chiller Plant HVAC Control Building, Local Electrical Building, N2 Bottle Shade for Fuel Gas System, N2 Bottle Shade for HRSG, LP CO2 Tank Shade, Chemical Dosing Shade and various storage sheds.

3.  RO Desalination Plant – Building Works:

The scope of works consisted of the construction of various electrical, pump, filter and treatment buildings for the RO Desalination Plant including: Cartridge Filter Buildings, RO Pumps building, RO Building, Permeate Building, CO2 Building and Local Electrical Buildings.