Project Update: Bahrain International Airport

GPZ’s committed team is steering this important airport infrastructure project to its completion. With 90% of works completed to date and 10 million safe man-hours without a lost time incident reached recently, the 30M USD project is moving forward well and is expected to be completed in early 2018.

As part of Bahrain International Airport’s Modernisation Program, the project consists of a Fire Station, a Supergate Airside Entrance building, a staff car park, aircraft fuelling facilities and rapid access roads for fire brigades.

The fuel stations and rapid access roads have already been completed, while works on the 2-storey Fire Station building (with a visual watchtower, control room, workshops and housing bays for fire trucks and command vehicles) and the Supergate building are at the final stages.

Outstanding activities include the installations of IT systems, internal metal doors and kitchens, fixing of specialist security and scanning equipment, fixing of aluminium cladding to external canopies and parking areas, road connections to the airport road system, placing of access gates and perimeter fences, connection to the mains power and water, and the testing and commissioning of MEP and specialist equipment.